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Church History

The first church called Zion Baptist was built in the early 1880’s.  The name was later changed to its present name. This site was probably chosen because it is one of the highest points within the area known as Durham Place. The two acre site was purchased from Henry Harrison.  The founders of White Oak included: Peter Harrison, Julius Durham, William Barber, Daniel Bookhart and Frank Adams.  All were former slaves.  The current membership consists of ancestors of these former slaves.

A fire destroyed the first church in the early 1920’s and it was rebuilt in the mid 1920’s.  Following a decade of planning, construction on the former sanctuary began in the early 1960’s.

The design for the church was determined by the financial condition of the church. A concrete block building was constructed.  The interior consisted of a raised pulpit and choir stand, a pastor’s study and an anteroom.  A baptismal pool was added at a later date. Various craftsmen within the church completed the majority of the work on the church except for the basic building.  The steeple was relocated from the side of the church to the top center and a foyer was added.

Fundraising by various auxiliaries within the church has supplied needed finances.  The following projects were completed over the years:

*    Converting from a wood burning stove to propane gas heat in the mid 1960’s.
*    A well was installed and running water connected in the early 1970’s.
*    An addition to the church was completed in the late 1970’s that included a small fellowship hall and restrooms.
*    Air conditioning was added to the sanctuary and paneling installed on the interior walls in the early 1980’s.
*    Before the baptismal pool was added, new members were baptized in the stream of a nearby spring.

From the beginning eleven different pastors have provided spiritual leadership. The pastor with the longest reign was Rev. Henry W. Adamson who served for forty years (1925-1965).  Rev. James H. Adamson, the grandson of Rev. Henry W. Adamson answered the call to the ministry and was installed as the pastor in 1998. Rev. James Adamson served as pastor until 2005.  Rev. Henry Spann, Jr. was elected pastor in December of 2005 and began serving in January of 2006.  Pastor Spann began serving communion every first Sunday. The format of bible study was changed.  The church is now able to baptize anyone who desires upon request.  With blessings from Almighty God,  unity and support of  the congregation and Joint Board, and under the leadership of Rev Spann a new bus was purchased, the old sanctuary was torn down in October of 2010 and a new sanctuary was completed in April 2011.  The first service in the new sanctuary was held on May 1, 2011.  The new building was completed within five months!  The cornerstone for the new sanctuary was installed on Sunday, October 16, 2011.  Pastor Spann has implemented various new programs and ministries. The Library has been updated  with books and other resources donated by members of the church and a Nursery Ministry was started to assist parents with their little ones.  The Youth Choir and the Youth Praise Dance Ministry bring joy to the faces of the congregation whenever they perform.  The Breakfast Ministry prepares and serve breakfast to the congregants and visitors every Sunday except the first Sunday in each month. As we press towards the mark, Pastor Spann’s motto is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

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